GarageBand inclusive of a standard keyboard instrument and a smart keyboard instrument. The keyboard in the GarageBand is set up like the standard keyboard and has a variety of keyboard instruments and some of which are customizable including grand pianos, electric piano, multiple organs, clavinet, synth tracks, and also the bass synth pads, and synths.

It also has several different sounds. The keyboard can play arpeggios and has a blend curve. The smart keyboard is designed like other smart instruments so that the individuals can play chords on the piano, electric piano, organ, clavinet, and four stretchable synthesizers. Also included is an autoplay purpose, which plays one of the 4 rhythms for each device.

There are two distinct types of drum instruments in the GarageBand App. The touch drum instrument comprises of seven acoustic drum kits termed as Bluebird, Classic Studio Kit, Live Rock Kit, Retro Rock, Roots, SoCal, and Vintage Kit with the realistic setup, as well as three electronic drum kits like Hip Hop Drums, House Drums and a drum kit with samples from Roland TR-808 and 909.

They have been configured as automated drums with customizable sounds that can be saved as separate drum kits. The other drum device is the Smart Drums instrument, in which the drum sounds can be organized in a grid according to the complexity and also the volume.

Includes classic studio kit, live rock kit, vintage kit, classic drum machine, hip hop drum machine, and homemade drum machine. The Chinese kit was attached to the GarageBand along with other Chinese instruments. The user can generate real Chinese sounds, such as a gong.

GarageBand includes four guitars as an acoustic guitar, two electric guitars, and a distortion guitar. Every guitar except acoustic has two distinctive speakers. The GarageBand virtual instrument is configured as a smart keyboard that can play various chords. Additionally, each note in a chord can be played separately or cut by holding down the left side of the order.

The Smart Bass machine is structured like a guitar, with four strings representing multiple notes. However, the bass cannot play chords. It includes three electric basses, an orchestral acoustic bass, and four customizable synthetic basses. Like the virtual keyboard and smart guitars, there is an autoplay feature available in the app